Health Care Service Provider- Be an informed plan member

Employer provides health benefit coverage to help employees maintain health and to give an access to the resources to find the care and treatment required. Just like checking the benefit plan to confirm that your coverage includes a particular health practitioner, it is important to check that the practitioner selected is qualified to offer the services being provided.

This extra measure will help ensure you’re getting access to appropriate care and that your plan will cover the practitioner’s expenses, according to the terms outlined in your Employee Benefit Booklet.

Starting Point:

One of the keys to successful coverage of your claim is checking to see if your health care practitioner’s actual service is included in their “title” or their name.
Quite often, if their title is reflective of the service they offer, there’s a strong likelihood they will be a recognized provider by your insurer, and your claim may be covered.
Chiropractor who provides chiropractic services may not be covered If a Chiropractor is providing osteopathic services.
Health Care Service Providers – be an informed plan member
Your plan may cover some of the following health care practitioners, but always consult your Employee Benefit Booklet for specific practitioner coverage.



Massage Therapists




Podiatrists / Chiropodists


Speech Therapists
You should shop around
Just like any other product or service, make sure you feel comfortable with, not only the practitioner’s qualifications, but also with their fee.
Coupled with the proper qualifications ,practitioners may charge different fees based upon their location or the units of time spent with their patients. Upfront investigation
and consultation will make sure there are no surprises for anyone later.

We’re here to help
Bottom line? If you’re not sure whether your practitioner’s services will be covered under your group benefits plan, I will be happy to review the benefit plan and offer you the desired services in the plan as per your your company’s plan need.

article taken from Manulife


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