Term Insurance

What is Term Insurance?

Who should buy Term Insurance?

What are the advantages of Term Insurance?

Term Life Insurance provides protection for specific period of time at lower cost. Named beneficiary listed in the insurance policy gets paid the full amount of insurance benefit if the insured person dies during the specific period of time. Proceeds of life insurance paid is tax free.

Most young couples starting life have financial liability of home mortgage, car loan, personal or other business loans. Term Life Insurance will provide peace of mind knowing your family is protected. Your loved ones will have funds to pay off mortgage, personal loan, and have money for their monthly income need in case of your premature death.

Most businesses borrow money from bank or other lending institutions. Partners or share holders in business have buy sell agreement. Term Life Insurance is the best tool to protect future of business and families of share holders and partners. Death benefit can be used to pay off loan, fund buy sell agreement, or insure a key employee at very low cost.

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