If you think your insurance premium will not be effected because your friend or relative had an accident while they were driving your vehicle— you are wrong.
At fault accident caused by your friend with your car will penalise you with increase in premium at renewal time.
Therefore, be careful before lending your car to anyone.

Safe driving

Inder Madan
Insurance Broker in Mississaua and Brampton

February 1,2014

5 Tips what to look for when buying mortgage insurance.

1. Make sure you look for best rates and asking rates from broker from top 5 insurance companies.

2. Match the time period of your policy with amortization period of your mortgage.

3. Look for the flexibility of lowering amount of insurance if required after 10-15 years down the road

4. Make sure policy is guaranteed renewable and convertible.

5. Find out your options when and if you wish to change mortgage life insurance in to permanent insurance policy

I as broker can provide you with lowest rates and best plan from reputable companies.
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